Giving the “Gift of Health”

By: Dr Felicia Stoler

My recipe for a good start involves giving my children the “gift of health.” All parents want their kids to have “better” lives than they did. Often what comes to mind are things like education and material things… but to me, it starts on the inside out. As a healthcare professional, my perspective on parenting involves giving my children the leading edge on their health. For me and my kids, it’s been a healthy lifestyle – daily physical activity, low fat, high fiber foods and less saturated fat. I want their “plumbing” to be as clear as possible, for as long as possible.

While I am a solo working mom, my kids’ schedules can be just as hectic to manage as my own! I make sure that we sit down for meals, together, as a family. I always cook dinners on Tuesday nights and every other Friday night. On Friday nights, we invite other families over for family dinner night… where we share a home cooked meal and turn off the technology. For these special dinners with our friends, I tend to prepare anything that is quick, easy, nutritious and requires minimal clean-up. One of our favourites is Ragú® Skillet Pasta & Beef Dinner. It’s a great go-to meal for me and an easy way to sneak in the veggies as Ragú®offers two full servings of veggies in every half cup of sauce. When I cook, I encourage my children to assist me in the process. I get to introduce my cooking skills to them and teach them about preparing a balanced meal, while sharing time and conversation. We love the time together and I can only hope they will pass on these life lessons to their children!